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The Garden Room, 

In 1986 I qualified as an Occupational Therapist  and worked in a clinical setting for ten years with people who often had severe and debilitating symptoms of chronic disease. My interest in alternative and natural ways of supporting our health and wellbeing throughout our lives, was encouraged by this experience and for the last 17 years I have studied natural, holistic and complementary therapies.

I believe these therapies can counteract the effects of stress which we know to have a huge impact upon our health: it is thought that 75-90% of disease is related to the activation of our stress response. Excess or prolonged emotional stress can cause disturbed hormonal activity and impair our immunes system, triggering many different disease processes.

Massage, Reflexology, Meditation and Reiki all promote the relaxation response – the physical and psychological state opposite to the fright, fight or flight stress response. The relaxation response enables the body and mind to regain balance; our restorative bodily systems to flourish and work effectively and coherently; and for our immune, circulatory, respiratory, endocrine and digestive systems to work harmoniously. Through this response we can enter a state of growth and creativity and feel calm, soothed and at ease. 

Being aware of the stress in your life and being proactive in managing it, is important. I aim to create a treatment session that integrates and combines various therapeutic approaches. It can range from a therapeutic  massage specifically for tired aching muscles, to a massage for a tired mind! Or more alternative energy work incorporating meridians and chakras, but all of which are deeply relaxing. 

Here are some of the options-
Therapeutic Massage- the head, face, arms, neck, feet, legs, shoulders, back.
Hot Stone Massage
Reflexology- Feet, Hands, Face.
Crystal Reflexology
Crystal Jewellery

There is more info on this website about the various treatments, and feel free to call me to discuss anything you aren’t sure about.

All sessions are provided in a log cabin, surrounded by trees, the river a stones throw away,  a natural setting, a place where you can find some respite from chaotic modern life, find some time to reflect and promote your health and well being.


The Garden Room…Retreat