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I have worked in the health care sector for many years, having qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 1986. This gave me insight into conventional medicine, anatomy, physiology, psychology, medical and psychiatric conditions and their treatment, that was along time ago…20 years in fact. Since then my experience has been varied. I have worked clinically as a volunteer therapist in a hospice environment and with the Multiple Sclerosis Society and Motor Neurone Disease Association. Working with so many people whose health, wellbeing and independence is severely compromised  has motivated me to study, what disease actually is, what causes it and what we can do to facilitate and support our health and prevent disease taking hold. 

So mind, body and spirit, our health relies on all three.  We know that what we think, feel and believe -our mind, can influence our wellbeing. The spirit is vital too. I think of spirit as been the essence of you and it needs nurturing and nourishing. We know that children that are well cared for grow faster and bigger, their bodies respond to the love they receive. Similarly in adulthood if we love, nourish and nurture ourselves, on all levels, our health will reflect this.

 So I’ve studied various methods of working to integrate all these aspects. I combine different modalities, meditation- visualisation, awareness  of the breath, affirmations- which you have to really “feel”, massage, reflexology, crystal reflexology, reiki and crystals in there too- thereby providing highly bespoke treatment sessions tailored to your individual needs.

For example there can be many different levels to a treatment -a massage could be predominately body work- facilitating circulation, lymphatic drainage, detoxing, easing muscular aches and strains but it can also be much more, meditative- quiet time, allowing you to de-stress, reduce tension, to focus and reconnect with yourself, your spirit – bringing clarity, a new sense of direction and purpose- me time, and ultimately facilitate your health. We know that so much dis-ease is related to stress, and relaxation can counteract this, supporting your immune system, and restorative functions. You may be interested to learn more about “energy work”, reflexology, reiki and crystals come under this umbrella. I have always loved and found this approach to heath care fascinating. Do we have chakras and meridians, that transport  prana, chi or ki  throughout the body? These are Eastern terms for what we would call “vital life force energy”. However it is generally not recognised at all in western medicine. This is an alternative concept for defining and understanding our health. Awareness of this model can empower us to take responsibility and action to facilitate and maintain our health throughout life, not just when we are ill -the prevention of dis-ease.

Mind, body and spirit….

Hence the name Me-ology Therapies, the study of me.