Crystal Meanings

Please be Aware..
Crystals and gemstones can be used only as natural way to support your well being.. your emotional and spiritual growth.
They are not to be used as a replacement for orthodox health care from you GP.
Always consult your doctor regarding your health concerns.

Having worked as a complementary therapist for 17 years, I have stumbled across the positive use of crystals many times in my training, but it has only been in the last 3 years that they really caught my eye and captured my imagination. I then embarked on a 2 year course studying them. Rather than leave my chosen crystal on my bed side table or window sill, collecting dust, or in a pocket only to pop out and be lost on the floor, I decided to start wire wrapping them into bespoke pieces of jewellery, which I couldn’t lose. I worked more closely with them by wearing them and choosing a different one each day according to how I felt.

Through attending Mind, Body and Spirit Festivals and Craft Fairs, I’ve noticed men and women are drawn to crystals for various reasons. It may just be their beauty, but many are also fascinated by their perceived properties. You often find you are attracted particularly to one or two, which hold a meaning relevant to yourself, as current issues and events occur in your life. The crystal becomes a symbol for you of attributes you may want to draw into your life, or a direction you want to take. 
Wearing the crystal keeps you aligned and focused on this path.
It is a lovely concept to work with.
As someone aptly put it, “Jewellery with meaning.” 

Base Chakra Stones
Black Tourmaline
A stone of cleansing, protection and grounding.
It is believed that black tourmaline…
– makes space for new personal growth, ideas and creations, purifies, cleanses and clears old beliefs and behaviours, stripping away old layers of the ‘self’.
– helps you identify what needs discarding, are you holding onto old behaviour patterns and habits.
– brings positivity by clearing negative thoughts and energy.
– grounds you, increasing physical vitality and reducing stress and tension.

A stone of protection and grounding.
It is believed that obsidian…
– helps to eliminate negative energies in oneself and the environment.
– protects by bringing to our attention the thought patterns that are inhibiting our personal growth. By been aware of this and focusing we can through our intention and attention attract more positive scenarios and outcomes.
– being present and proactive is the best form of protection.

Smokey Quartz
A stone of grounding, clearing and protection.
It is believed that smokey quartz…
– connects you to the earth and it’s energy, it grounds you, allows release of excess energy into the earth and to draw nurturing earth energy up and within you.
– it cleanses and clears your energy system of any stagnation and negativity.
– it protects you from negative influences in your environment, keeping things clear.
– it helps you to be more organised and focused.

A stone of prosperity, abundance strength and security.
It is believed that garnet…
– enhances ones vitality, endurance and gives a sense of security and safety.
– helps alleviate worries, fears and anxiety.
– is strongly grounding, calming and protecting.
– assists you in feeling supported in one’s needs and desires and believing that abundance and prosperity is around the corner..

Petrified Wood
A stone of patience, steady growth, new beginnings and transformation.
It is believed that petrified wood..
– is a stone that has connections with ancient trees.
– it assists one to gain knowledge of one’s ancient roots.
-it instills strength of character and brings a sense of peace and stability during times of change, encouraging one to take time to assimilate the changes occurring.
Perhaps you are closing an old chapter in your life and a new one is about to begin.

Sacral Chakra Stones
A stone of action and creation.
It is believed that carnelian…
– assists in building confidence, courage and self power.
– encourages you to take ‘a leap of faith ‘in a new direction and your path in life.
– awakens the lower 3 chakras enabling you to push forward in life and take action.
– enhances the flow of life force energy and thereby increases vitality.
– encourages us to take action and manifest our dreams in life.
– supports us in transformation and change.
In order to create we must act, and every action is a learning experience, that allows us to grow.
Take steps on your new path..

Red Jasper
A stone of strength, vitality and endurance.

It is believed that red jasper…
– is stabilising and emotionally balancing.
– enhances one’s endurance and stamina.
– helps to manifest creative ideas.
– can assist you to continue and complete a project, when the initial enthusiasm has waned.
– helps to make one more disciplined, particularly for those who have difficulty focusing on the matter in hand.

Solar Plexus Chakra Stones
A stone of manifestation, creativity and personal will.

It is believed that citrine…
– manifests and creates experiences in physical form from your dreams, wishes, beliefs and thoughts.. they become reality.
– helps you to change your thoughts , words, actions to be in alignment with the reality you wish to create.
– works with the second, third and sixth chakras. With the second chakra citrine stimulates the creative function and conception of the idea. In the third chakra citrine creates drive, motivation and confidence to make it happen. In the sixth chakra it activates mental clarity and your imagination, images may form in your minds eye..
– facilitates us to bring energy into form.

Tiger Eye
A stone of balance, vitality and strength.

It is believed that tiger eye..
– stimulates from the first through to the third chakra, encouraging balance and harmony either with emotional extremes within oneself or disagreements with others.
– enables one to stay calm , centred and grounded regardless of the situation.
– gives you strength to overcome fatigue or discouragement, when experiencing hard times.

A stone of increase, abundance, prosperity and well being.

It is believed that peridot..
– signifies an increase on all levels in your life- spring time.. a period of growth, optimism, success and good fortune. Plans and projects begin to come together more quickly, inspiring you to continua onward.
– teaches us hope, helps us to feel excitement of our goals coming to fruition.

Heart Chakra Stones
Green Aventurine
A stone of optimism, embrace
change, growth, renewal and rebirth.
It is believed that green aventurine..
– soothes painful emotions and facilitates the release of old relationships and heart ache.
– stimulates a sense of hope and joy.
– supports us in remaining emotionally stable in times of emotional upheaval and change.
– helps us to see change as a positive event not negative- a learning experience for our personal growth.

Rose Quartz
A stone of love, gentleness and emotional
I am Love, I live Love, I give Love
It is believed that ose quartz …
– teaches us to live love in our lives. The most important lesson to learn in life is to love.
– it calms and cools excessive fiery energies such as hate, anger and fear.
– helps us to release, let go of old emotional wounds, streetwise and tension.
– encourages you to love yourself and nurture your inner being.
– it is a stabilising stone, helps you to release worry, anxiety and fear allowing you to feel more open to compassion and kindness, for yourself and others.

Ruby in Green Zoisite
A stone of growth, vitality, courage, passion and rebirth.

It is believed that ruby in zoisite..
– strengthens our life force, vitality, courage and passion.
– facilitates an enthusiasm for life rather than playing it safe.
– is an energising stone and creates a sense of well being.
– encourages growth, renewal and rebirth.
– helps relieve grief, anger, despair, hopelessness and defeat.

Throat Chakra Stones

A stone of personal truth, express and act on it..
It is believed that amazonite..
-helps you to express your truth, ‘your heart’ in your communications with others.
-encourages you to express your inner thoughts and feelings and not fear conflict and confrontation.
-assists you to communicate your truth more effectively and align your words with appropriate actions.
‘Walk your Talk’ What you say creates your reality, clarify your thoughts and speak your truth, the way forward will become clearer.

Blue Lace Agate
A stone of communication
It is believed that blue Lace agate…
– it is a soothing, gentle and calming stone.
– assists us in communicating clearly and diplomatically in situation were we fear judgement by others or we have self doubt.
– a good stone for those where communication is fundamental to their job- teachers /counsellors.
– it is beneficial for those of a quiet disposition who sometimes have difficulty making themselves heard.
– assists you in understanding the importance of words in creating your reality.
– can help you to identify negative speech and to move towards more positive and uplifting dialogue.

A stone of wholeness and unity.
It is believed that turquoise..
– enhances our ability to see and understand all the aspects of our self and bring them together as a cohesive whole. Perhaps discarding aspects of yourself that no longer fit and create a new vision of yourself.
– encourages self forgiveness and self acceptance.
– is balancing and facilitates a sense of peace and serenity.
– encourages you to perceive a new way of being, a good stone to work with when you need to feel your way through a new situation.

A stone of communication, cleansing and release.

It is believed that aquamarine…
– is one of the strongest stones for clearing and activating the throat chakra.
– improves the flow of energy from the heart to the throat, enabling you to communicate your deepest and heart felt emotions clearly and thereby releasing them.
– is cooling and soothing allowing you to speak without anger about difficult situations.
-it is believed that aquamarine…is a powerfully cleansing stone, it brings old emotional behaviour patterns- ‘baggage’ to the surface, to be released and allowing transition and change
– Helps when working with grief.

Third Eye Chakra Stones
A stone of intuition and insight.
It is believed that sodalite..
– enhances intuition, the third eye.
-encourages insight into the self, an awareness of our motivations, weaknesses, strengths and our personal destiny. 
– brings confidence in one’s inner knowing and helps us perceive where one’s path lies.
-encourages you to detach from your every day worries and see things more objectively- the bigger picture.
-may signify a new phase of your journey, strengthening your ability to see the lessons in your life and encouraging you to move away from the familiar and move on in a new direction.
-helps you to release the old stories, leave behind your comfort zone and pursue your dreams in the next phase of your path.

A stone of focus, concentration and discipline.
It is believed that fluorite..
– is balancing to the third eye and mental energies in general.
– encourages one’s thinking to be coherent and orderly. 
– assists in clearing mental fog, confusion and conflicting ideas.
– helps one to decide on a direction, commit to action and plan the steps needed.
– aids one to make order, structure and focus out of chaos. 
– is an excellent stone for learning and study. 
– it helps one to think through one’s feelings when overwhelmed by emotional experiences and encourages self discipline and organisation to enable you to align to your goals in life and bring your visions to reality. 
– help you move back into alignment and integrity with your vision.

A stone of protection, connection and communication.
– It is believed that kyanite…
– assists one to incorporate all aspects of self into a harmonious whole.
– facilitates making connections with others.
– stimulates intuition and psychic abilities.
– helps one to be more decisive and have greater clarity of thought, to enable you to move forward in your life.

Blue Apatite
A stone of inner vision, intuition.. uplifting.
It is believed that blue apatite …
– clears and stimulates the third eye chakra
– enhances general mental functioning and clarity
– is uplifting, lends a positive outlook, and inspiration.

Crown Chakra Stones
A stone of self discovery, insight and intuition.
It is believed that moonstone…
-encourages one to pay attention to the cycles of our lives.
-teaches us to understand when to take action and when not to take action.
-increases our awareness of the current stage our life/creations is at and how to act accordingly. We must nurture first and grow our creations before we can harvest and reap the rewards.
-enhances patience and acceptance of the natural cycles of life, surrendering to them rather than being frustrated.

We experience life in cycles like the moon..the new phase is when our creations are in their infancy, we are planting the seeds, the waxing phase when the light of the moon is becoming brighter, is when our ideas and plans are growing, the full moon is the strongest point, the fruiting of your plans and the waning phase is that of harvesting and rest. In our life cycle, there are appropriate actions to take at each part of the creative cycle, similar to that of the moon.

Moonstone prompts you to consider which part of the cycle you are in and take appropriate action.

A stone of intuition, meditation, purification and protection.
It is believed that amethyst…
-stimulates the mind, intuition and psychic abilities. 
-aids meditation, helping to still one’s thoughts, clearing one’s energy field of negative influences and encouraging greater clarity, balance and well being. 
-activates the higher mind and cognitive skills and thereby enables greater understanding of the causes and dynamics of our life experiences and destructive behaviours.

A stone of magic and protection.
It is believed that labradorite…
-is a magical stone, on first glance it looks dull and dreary but when the light catches it, magically there is an array of vivid colours. Your life is similar, it may seem dreary but like the stone if you look closely there is magic and beauty ..look for the hidden treasures about to reveal themselves.
-encourages you to take a look at the choices before you, one may be the path of magic to your dreams and wishes.
-encourages you to be in harmony with the natural world and develops your sensitivity to the flow of natural energies.
activates the third eye and intuition, increasing our ability to visualise and perceive with the inner eye.

Synchronicities and opportunities can arise when we are more in tune and harmonising with the natural world.