..working with Crystals

‘Those brave souls who understand the value
in learning from the stones
not just learning about them;
Who have  dedicated themselves to
working with stones
instead of using them,
May you continue to shine
your light as you walk the path
of the Crystal Initiate..’

Naisha Ahsian


Treatments with crystals are highly adaptable and varied according to your needs and interests….

There are so many possibilities…

  • Meditation with Crystals
  • Crystal Webs of Light’ your chosen crystals placed on and around your body.  
  • Reflexology with Crystals- this relies solely on the theory of the 12 meridians or energy lines, which begin and end at various points in the hands, feet and face. Various crystal points/wand are used to stimulate the points of the meridian system and revitalise the flow of energy, throughout the body.
  •  Crystal Massage- using  various crystals as palm stones, placement of stones within treatment.
  • Reiki with Crystals.

£30….. 60 mins