..working with crystals usually takes place within the other treatments, rarely as a stand alone session. It’s something we seem to get drawn in to, finding ourselves attracted to a certain crystal, reading about its perceived qualities, something seems to fit, they have knack at drawing our attention to those aspects of our lives that need attention. They are the icing on the cake, can be used in so many different ways, and are scattered around my treatment room, waiting for you to notice them.

Reflexology, Massage, Meditation, Reiki and Jewellery…

Reflexology- I can use wands ( pointed crystals) to work on certain points on the feet, we may choose a certain type of wand, based on the chakra it’s aligned with or other qualities we may perceive it has. Clear quartz is often one I use for its cleansing and clearing properties.. This could be used on hands as well as feet. Some crystals may be placed on chakras during the session, placed around you or held. The nature of the reflexology sessions are that of deep relaxation, we are aiming for a change in consciousness. To facilitate this I often start with awareness of the breath, a visualisation/meditation and our chosen crystals in there too. The desired outcome is that of a rebalancing of mind, body and spirit, the more we do it the more it becomes second nature. 

 Massage-  I can place your chosen stones around you or on you as I massage or use them as palm stones, directly on your body, again we are aiming for deep relaxation, so the session may start with a visualisation/meditation and breath work.

Reiki- also combines nicely with your choice of crystals.

Crystal Jewellery- I make bespoke pieces of jewellery with my crystals, this came about as I often found that I chose a certain crystal to work with and then left it behind some where collecting dust. So I started to make jewellery, which meant my daily choice of crystal went every where with me and I could, when I had a spare minute focus on its meaning, re-alligning myself to my intention, the reason I chose it in the first place. 

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