Life Limiting Illness

adapted specifically to meet the needs of people with cancer and other life limiting illness.

When we are diagnosed with serious illness we can become anxious, depressed and unable to cope. Our minds and bodies are stressed and our symptoms can worsen. Stress in our lives has a detrimental effect on our health, depressing our immune system, compromising our digestion and other bodily systems. It is therefore of particular importance when we are ill, to listen to our bodies and nurture ourselves. Natural therapies can help us to do this. They bring feelings of calm and peace, helping to counteract the stress we experience, when living with life limiting illness. They promote the relaxation response and in so doing support our immune system, detoxification, digestion, circulation, respiration, kidney and liver function, encouraging the body to intuitively find balance, restoration, nourishment and vitality. Recent research evidence has suggested that therapy sessions can have a positive effect on anxiety, pain and nausea when provided for people with cancer (Grealish et al, 2000; Stephenson & Weinrich, 2000). They are not a cure but aim to facilitate a greater sense of health, wellness and quality of life.

I have attended courses at the Complementary Therapy Department of The Christie Hospital in Manchester – the largest cancer centre in Europe. Their courses train therapists to provide skilled treatments that are gentle, supportive and restorative, specifically for cancer care and other life limiting illnesses.
I have experience of working clinically at Dove House Hospice, and also with the Multiple Sclerosis Society and the Motor Neurone Disease Association.